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Templar Crusader Silver Ring N*D*S*M*D $107

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SHIPPING FROM ENGLAND-Knights Templar Silver Ring Hallmarked 925 Solid Silver Gold Copy of Genuine Knights Templar Ring'

The original ring and pendant was worn in the crusades and has the initials N.D.S.M.D which stands for NON DRACO SIT MIHI DUX latin meaning (Let not the dragon be my guide), the Crusaders referred to DRAGONS "DRACO" as DEVIL. Can be used as a Pendant around the neck or as a Keyring. Latin Inscription: N*D*S*M*D - NON DRACO SIT MIHI DUX. *THE DEVIL WON'T BE MY GUIDE* Era 1150-1350 A.D

£67 = $107 = €73 [Approximate Exchange Rate]

Whilst the traded price of Silver is around £20=$30 per Ounce the true cost of "Casting Silver" is £55=$88 per ounce,

therefore heavy silver rings are now expensive.

100% Handmade in England by English Silversmiths with 35 years experience.

Comes in a Black & White 'Knights Templar' Box with a Certificate of Authenticity that the Ring is a Genuine 925 Solid Silver (Hallmarked) copy of the Original 13th Century ring.