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Knights Templar Book HIDDEN BY ORDER (Secrets of the Templars) - AVAILABLE NOW

Price: £24.95

Hidden By Order - Revealed secrets of the Knights Templar, hidden for centuries for a reason, destiny has brought you here, everything you have ever done in your life has brought you to this moment in time, full of never before released truths about the Knights Templar, secrets of the pyramids, Magic and the Magi, Napoleon, Jesus's face on the Sphinx, Priory of Sion, bloodlines and the Holy Grail, Da Vinci's last supper, spiritual powers, how to see Angels, Devils and Draco (Dragons) and strange creatures of the night to mention just a few of the subjects covered in this expose book. Have you searched for years for the meaning of life and the answers to the mysteries of the Universe? The answers have been here on earth all along, the truth is waiting for you to discover.


Finally the Knights Templar book is out now "HIDDEN BY ORDER" the Secrets of the Templars.

First 50,000 copies (First Edition) is the Illustrated size Collector’s Edition and every copy is signed by both Authors.

For the First Time the Knights Templars expose:

  • The real origins of the Templar Symbol
  • The true identity of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene
  • The answer to the question “Is Jesus Christ Black or White?”
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • The Real Knights Templar Code
  • The Truth behind The Da Vinci Code
  • The Egyptian Origins of The Knights Templars
  • The True Identity of the Face of the Sphinx
  • The Truth about “Alien / Reptile” like creatures – with photos of a real life skull that looks like something straight from the movie “Predator”

The book author used sources of information approved by the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia ( www.knightstemplar-uk.co.uk ) Grand Master was by hereditary birthright the ancestral true Grand Master of the Knights Templars of Britannia.

These and many other secrets are exposed for the first time in this Exposure Book, 700 years in the Making.

What people have said who have read it:

"WOW the real De Vinci Code"

"The picture of the Skull is scary"

"The Skull looks like Predator"

"The Last Supper is so obvious now"

"Finally the truth is out"

Order your Copy here now today!

With 1st edition Harry Potter books selling for £17,000= $27,000 people have said that Hidden By Order First Editions might make great Presents or even investments.